a holistic approach to Canadian immigration

Founded by Toluwalope Dare, a licensed immigration consultant, Elyon Immigration Consulting is a Canadian firm that is committed to providing immigration services and education to current and future Canadian immigrants and guiding them through the Canadian immigration process and system.

Elyon Immigration Consulting works to align your goals with those of the Canadian government by taking on a holistic approach to immigration services. We do this by providing detailed guidance and representation throughout the different steps and stages of Canadian immigration.



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We guide current and future immigrants on the steps and procedures they need to meet the Canadian immigration standards and attain the valid immigration documents. We will do this by creating short and long terms plans and actionable steps that will help them achieve their immigration goals.


As a licensed immigration consultant with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (IRCC), Toluwalope Dare is a Canadian authorized immigration representative. If need be, we will provide representation for clients. Our representation services will include communicating with the IRCC on behalf of clients, representing clients at hearings, following up on applications with the IRCC on behalf of the clients.


We work with clients to ensure all documents required for immigration application purposes are properly filled in a manner that gives them the best chance at being approved. We guide clients on what documents they need to gather to meet immigration requirements and deadlines.


We provide resources that guide and educate the public and potential clients on Canadian immigration and citizenship policies, processes and standards.


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Licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council